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Nigeria: coal mining firm claims stake in electricity supply

Executive director, corporate services, Ambassador Joseph Ayalogu, made the announcement while representing the company’s CEO Dr. Innocent Ezuma, during a media briefing in Abuja, the Punch reported.

Contained in the statement, Ezuma explained that the 1,200MW would be generated from coal, which the company is already mining in the Kogi State.

According to media, Ezuma stated that the company had acquired an additional licence from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Agency to generate a further 400MW from gas.

Coal power plant to begin

Media quoted Ezuma stating that work on the development stages is now 90% complete.

He also expressed confidence that the remaining agreements would be completed before the year end, in order for the actual construction of the coal power plant to begin.

Ezuma further said that the first phase of the construction for the 400MW plant will take 30 months, adding that the subsequent phases would take less time to complete.

Insufficient electricity supply

Ezuma highlighted that the group acquired the Jos Steel Complex from the federal government in 2006; however he said the steel complex had not been able to go into production because of the lack of guaranteed electricity supply.

To resolve the situation, he said the company has built a captive power plant that would ensure that the steel complex would get the guaranteed 100MW of electricity it required to be in production.

He said: “We have opened an active mine in Okobo, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State and currently mine 50,000 metric tonnes of coal per month. We have the capacity to double that as demand increases.

“We are the leading suppliers of premium quality coal to Nigeria’s industrial end users, including Dangote and Zuma Energy coal-to-power project under development, which will supply 1,200MW of electricity to the grid.”

Ezuma added: “The Eta-Zuma Group and its sister-client companies have invested over $300 million so far in various projects even though they are still at their development stages. The 1,200MW coal-to-power will require about $6 billion to actualise.”


Babalwa Bungane
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