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City of Cape Town to focus on alternative power options

City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for energy and climate change, Phindile Maxiti, says the City is focusing efforts on reducing its sole reliance on Eskom for power.

According to Maxiti, the City will petition the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to expedite the matter to allow not only Cape Town, but other municipalities to be able to purchase energy from independent power producers (IPPs), News24 reported on Tuesday.

“We are doing everything possible to move away from sole reliance on Eskom for our energy needs while, at the same time, trying to become more resilient and sustainable through the use of cleaner energy, such as renewable energy and transitional fuels such as natural gas,” said Maxiti.

“The price of power generated from IPPs would differ based on technology and the procurement process to be followed if the court case is successful,” Maxiti said.

Maxiti stressed that negative impact of load shedding on the country was causing great damage to the economy, adding that, “given the governance issues that have again been raised regarding Eskom, it provides further imperative to ensure that we produce diversified energy sources”.

“If we are allowed to procure renewable energy, we can reduce the long-term electricity costs for our residents and provide cleaner power. Currently, some 65% of the tariff that we charge customers for electricity goes toward the cost to buy electricity from Eskom.

“Metros must become the energy champions of their residents and of their commercial sector players.”

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