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Deadline date: 28 February 2019

The government of Burkina Faso has obtained a grant from the World Bank for the financing of the Power Sector Support Project (PASEL), and intends to use a part of this credit to make payments under subsequent contracts:

  • Realisation of turnkey construction and technical assistance for the operation and maintenance for two years of a 20 MWp solar PV plant in Koudougou.
  • Realisation of turnkey construction and technical assistance to the operation and maintenance for a period of 10 years of a 10 MWp solar PV plant in Kaya connected to the national interconnected grid.

The Director General of the National Electricity Company of Burkina (SONABEL) now invites eligible candidates to submit their offers to carry out the work described above.

The call for tenders will be made in accordance with the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures defined in the Directives: Supply, Works and Services Procurement (Other than Consulting Services) by Borrowers of the Bank Global in IBRD Loans and AID Credits and Donations, January 2011- Revised July 2014.

Interested candidates may obtain additional information and examine the tender documents with SONABEL at the following address:

National Electricity Company of Burkina (SONABEL)
55 avenue de la Nation,
01 BP 54 – Ouagadougou01- BuFaso
Secretariat Department of Markets, 2nd floor
Tel: (+226) 25 30 61 00
Fax: (+226) 25 31 03 40
E-mail: blandine.kabore@sonabel.bf and copied to edith.bambara@sonabel.bf, noel.soumnere@sonabel.bf and reinsa11@yahoo.fr

A full set of French application dossiers can be purchased by any interested candidate at the above address and upon payment of a non-refundable amount of CFA 100,000 ($) to SONAB EL or in one freely convertible currency. Payment will be made by certified check or cash.

For the payment of the file by bank transfer, the transactions will be made on the following bank account number: C0023 01053 001000100180 47 XOF BICIBFBXXX IBAN BF23 C002 3010 5300 10001001 8047 BICIA-B.

The receipt of the order of transfer of the expenses of file delivered by the bank must be faxed to the SONABEL at the number 00 226 50 31 03 40.


Tenders submitted in French in five (05) copies of which one (01) original and four (04) copies as such must be accompanied by a guarantee of the offer.

The guarantee will be denominated in CFA or in a freely convertible currency and according to the model contained in the DAO.

The amount fixed is four CFA 400,000,000 ($693,394) for lot 1 and CFA 200,000,000 ($346,681) for lot 2.

Tenders must be submitted to SONABEL at the address below no later than 28 February 2019 at 9:00 GMT.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. François de Salle Ouedraogo

National Electricity Company of Burkina Faso (SONABEL)
55avenue of the Nation,
01 BP 54

Ouagadougou 01

Burkina Faso

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