Sierra Leone has an installed electricity generation capacity of 92 MW, but it has ambitions to increase this to 1,000 MW over the next five to seven years.

Sierra Leone’s hands-on minister of energy and water, Oluniyi Robbin-Coker, refers to his country as not simply energy poor, but energy starved. “In 2012 Sierra Leone’s economy grew at 25% and we have lofty ambitions but little resources. The biggest barrier is the starved energy environment.”

Sierra Leon’s energy options for electricity generation are somewhat limited. The country has no known coal resources, though it may have some gas potential. It has about 2,000 MW of hydroelectric potential, but this is seasonal and would entail a load factor of some 55%. Robbin-Coker believes solar energy has a role to play in the country.

By Antonio Ruffini, Editor, ESI Africa

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