A discussion on the status of Africa’s power generation.

Africa can take pride in being home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, the continent remains significantly energy-poor. 

Progress has been made and increasingly favourable regulatory environments are now high on the agenda of governments. 

This presents an opportunity for the development of generation power plants from various technologies including gas, hydro, nuclear, coal, solar and wind. 

Even so, Africa and particularly sub-Saharan Africa has not seen a boom in the commissioning of generation power plants; an area of infrastructure where enormous opportunities to scale-up investments lie waiting. 

In this webinar, we challenge industry experts to address what the generation market can realistically expect in terms of conducting business in Africa. 

On our panel of experts we have:

Davin Chown | Board Member of South Africa Energy Storage Association 
Hendrik Malan| Partner & CEO Africa at Frost & Sullivan Africa 
Andrea Isidori |Advisor at the Danish Energy Agency, Centre for Global Cooperation