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African Infrastructure Investment Survey

01-Investment-Survey-BannerPrivate sector perspectives on risks and opportunities


Commissioned by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) to complement its established work tracking public sector financing trends, the African Infrastructure Investment Survey captures private sector views on the challenges of implementing infrastructure projects in Africa.

It is aimed at all private sector participants in infrastructure projects – equity investors, lenders and professional services providers.

Take part in the new survey now – it should only take a few minutes. You may skip any questions that are not relevant to you.

Why participate?

Some of the most successful African infrastructure projects have relied on a combination of public and private sector investment. This short annual survey aims to promote a better understanding of the private sector’s role in infrastructure development, looking at factors such as:

•  investment considerations
•  risks to be addressed
•  delays experienced with projects
•  top investment locations
•  sector investment trends
•  availability of finance
•  investment support
•  experience with PPPs
•  best returns

The ICA is separately surveying its members, which include the G8 countries, South Africa, the World Bank Group and African Development Bank.

For both surveys, collated and analysed results will be shared to facilitate increased appreciation of public and private sector concerns and open the way for more investment opportunities.

Information will be used and displayed only in an aggregated form. Individual responses will remain confidential.

The results

Results will be published in the fourth quarter of 2014 in the ICA’s annual Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa report. The report will be shared with ICA members and all survey respondents.

Download the 2013 report, published November 2014.

Take part in the new survey now  – it should only take a few minutes.You may skip any questions that are not relevant to you.


Since its inception in 2005, the ICA has produced an annual report documenting financial trends in African infrastructure.  The annual report details the commitments and disbursements made by ICA members (G8 countries, South Africa, African Development Bank, Development Bank of Southern Africa, European Commission, European Investment Bank, and the World Bank Group) to African infrastructure projects.