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US IT company makes foray into boda boda sector in East Africa

US based Alternet Systems Inc (ALYI) is making a foray into the East Africa electric boda boda and infrastructure sector.

ALYI is undertaking an initiative to transition motorcycles deployed as boda boda taxis from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. From Africa, ALYI plans to expand into the motorcycle taxi market globally. In a press release, the company pointed out the global motorcycle taxi market was valued by a Verified Market Research report at $16million in 2018 and is expected to grow to more than $29 billion by 2026.

ALYI CEO Dr Randell Torno recently visited Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, to engage in a number of EV rideshare pilot programme waypoint meetings. This included evaluating potential new electric motorcycle manufacturers that could contribute to the ALYI electric motorcycle fleet.

“I believe our pilot programme is being well received by all boda boda key parties in regard to all essential boda boda pacing points. I am optimistic that our first electric motorcycle deployment target following the pilot can be 20,000 electric motorcycles, far surpassing the 2,000 trial order we built the pilot around. I believe the number can rapidly grow from 20,000,” said Torno.

ALYI’s prototype EV motorbike. Image: ALYI

Building an EV ecosystem for the boda boda sector in East Africa and beyond

ALYI’s EV Rideshare Pilot Programme targets the existing motorcycle taxi market and they expect to begin generating revenue in fulfilling the electric motorcycle order later this year. They have built and continue to add to their own proprietary EV intellectual property library on development projects. This spans the design and construction of the complete electric motorcycle, to the design and construction of various components of the electric motorcycle such as the battery, Internet of Things connectivity and an integrated operator’s display. The projects go beyond the vehicle to include matters like the charging technology and fleet management tools.

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Ultimately the IT service management company says it does not intend to go it alone in the overall development and rollout of its EV Ecosystem. Their EV Ecosystem is founded on building participation in an EV symposium and conference anchored by a race event in Kenya as a central component in advancing EV technology and EV branding.

The objective here is that the EV race would advance EV technology by building EV solutions for the African market which is a power constrained, rugged environment with one of the lowest per capital transportation deployments in the world. Any EV solutions developed for the Africa market would be applicable around the world and would contribute towards building an autonomous Africa EV economy.

ALYI is also partnering with RevoltTOKEN to finance the company’s growth by offering participation in the EV ecosystem through the sale of Revolt Tokens.

The rise of the motorbike EV sector in East Africa will be the focus of a Future Energy East Africa roundtable on 14 September. Click below for more information.

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