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Podcast: The 5Ds of the energy transition

Between the 8 and 10 June this year, Enlit Africa hosted a digital event in which we examined the role of the 5ds – digitalisation, decarbonisation, decentralisation, democratisation and deregulation – of the energy transition in Africa.

In part one of the series, we share some of the comments and discussions from our keynote panel.

Tackling the 5Ds of the energy transition – a global initiative.. with a local flavour:

  • Technology, policy, funding – what roles do each of these play?                 
  • How do we support both a future forward transition that is also just?                 
  • Does Africa’s energy transition have to follow the same trajectory as the rest of the world?                 
  • Can we be trend setters in our own right?                 
  • The opportunities of the energy transition for Africa

In this podcast you will hear from:

  • Advocate Thabo Mokoena, Director General, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy
  • Sabine Dal’Omo, CEO, Siemens South Africa
  • Abel Tella, Secretary General, APUA
  • Max Jarrett, Africa Programme Manager, IEA
  • Panel discussion moderator: Fifi Peters, broadcaster and reporter

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