Utility CEO Forum Oracle utilities

CEO Forum partner Oracle Utilities on digitalisation and automation

"It as been inspiring to see how utilities around the world have maintained service despite the challenges," Mike Ballard, Vice President Industry Strategy at Oracle Utilities speaking on the by-invitation only Utility CEO Forum.
Investment trends: Transition finance can help companies to go green

Sub-Saharan Africa: Facility to bridge energy access financing gap

GreenMax Capital Advisors conducted market assessment for the launch of first loss facility to bridge energy access financing gap in SSA.
Nedbank CIB wins Energy Deal of the Year award.

Nedbank CIB walks away with Energy Deal of the Year award

Nedbank Green Renewable Energy Bond issuance was awarded Energy Deal of the Year at the 2020 African Banker Awards.

Urgent renewables investment needed to transition faster

Despite renewable energy having been the most resilient form of power generation during the lockdown, urgent investment is needed to scale systems and technologies and digitalise grids to help meet climate goals.
Digital Energy Festival - AUW PGAF

#AUW-PGAF announces agenda for joint ‘Digital Energy Festival’

Amidst the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector in Africa, the organisers of the ‘Digital Energy Festival’ seek to address critical issues such as pivoting to digital

For net-zero to happen, the whole world must change

Transforming solely the power sector only gets the world one-third of the way to net-zero emissions says a new International Energy Agency report, emphasising the need for greater efforts in other key sectors.
energy storage

Energy storage: South Africa’s new ‘gold rush’

To understand where the energy storage market opportunities will present themselves, we must first explore how it will change the value chain.

Exploring hydrogen resources in Africa gains momentum

Germany and Nigeria have agreed to establish a hydrogen exploration partnership that will benefit West Africa.
Loadshedding to impact South African for longer.

Loadshedding here to stay: Energy efficiency vital, says SANEDI

The latest round of loadshedding came as ten generation units at seven power stations recently suffered breakdowns.
Nuclear energy, solution to African energy supply challenge.

Nuclear: Gas-cooled small modular reactors, an African solution

Nuclear energy can unlock the economic growth of African countries, currently constrained by a lack of electricity for industrial expansion.

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