climate change post pandemic

EIB unlocks finance for climate change and post-pandemic recovery

The European Investment Bank yesterday approved $14,9billion of new financing for post pandemic recovery projects around the world.
Rwanda secures $150m to improve access to modern energy.

Rwanda secures $150m to improve access to modern energy

The World Bank approved $150 million to improve access to modern energy for households, enterprises, and public institutions in Rwanda.
climate change planning

World Bank: Roadmap to address Africa’s climate change & poverty

The World Bank has unveiled the Next Generation Africa Climate Business Plan (NG-ACBP), a detailed roadmap aimed at helping countries in sub-Saharan Africa to address climate change and poverty.
Women in Energy Webinar Series

African Women in Energy Webinar Series

The Women in Energy series is your opportunity to engage with thought leaders on energy topics and inspiring women entrepreneurship.

Invest in Renewable Energy for your business

If you’re considering ways of integrating renewable energy into your business, Absa’s Green Asset Finance is the answer you are looking for.
renewable energy Sudan

Sudan: Unlocking renewable energy to expand energy access

The United Nations Development Programme has released a roadmap to unlock the potential of Sudan’s renewable energy and expand energy access.

Webinar series: Global nuclear energy market review

From South Africa's "no regret" nuclear decision to job creation, join NIASA in this five-part series on the nuclear energy market position.
waste management landfill

Using waste management to widen the job circle

South Africa’s national waste policy has been aligned with the concept of the circular economy, in hopes of job creation.
loadshedding could be ended by planned surplus power.

Additional power generation hoped to end loadshedding

While South Africa continues to struggle with loadshedding, recent indicators point to a light at the end of the tunnel that is lit by renewable energy.
wind farm turbine

Morocco about to add another wind farm to the energy mix

Construction on the first phase of the Taza Wind Farm, 15km north-west of Taza in north Morocco is about to start.

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