Developing economies face numerous challenges regarding reliable electricity supply, especially in rural areas, which require unique, inventive responses. One such inspirational market entrant is a versatile containerised sustainable power generating solution.

Sustainable Power Generation (Pty) Ltd recently introduced its new containerised solar power solution – SustainSolar – for the African market.

The South African-based clean energy company specialises in containerised power generation equipment, and is already known and trusted as SustainPower for its gasto-power solutions. Adding to its clean power market solutions, the company is launching its innovative containerised solar power solution: SustainSolar.

Tobias Hobbach, managing director of Sustainable Power Generation, explains: “Over 600 million people on the African continent are without electricity. For underdeveloped, rural areas our Rapid Deployment solar power solution comes in easy-to-move standard shipping containers, completely pre-installed and ready to use. After extensive market research and business development, construction of the first unit has begun, and will roll off the line in Q4 2018.”

With dedication to quality, a passion for efficiency and an urge to fulfil their responsibility to people and the planet, Sustainable Power Generation strives to make a difference in the way developing economies generate and use power.

“What makes our containerised solar power generation units special,” says Tobias, “is our use of international lquality engineering and components, while still producing local content that allows us to offer a price advantage and local support. We pride ourselves that our energy solutions are made in Africa for Africa.”

Pre-installed 20ft solar container with all equipment for 33kWp of PV and up to 96kWh battery storage.

Innovation in containerised electrification

Solar photovoltaic (PV) is a well established technology; however, SustainSolar’s innovative design is characterised by the following aspects: 1. Designed to suit African conditions, including bad road infrastructure, dust, high temperatures and humidity, these rugged containerised solutions are built to last. 2. Using market-leading solar modules and electronics SustainSolar’s reliability and exceptional performance are assured. 3. The use of standard shipping containers ensures easy and safe transport and delivery, no matter where the end destination, and quick installation.

Aerial view of solar PV Multipurpose Solar Container.

A versatile containerised solar product range

The containerised solutions units will come in different sizes in order to meet varying energy requirements.

SustainSolar will come in several standardised as well as purpose-built options, including:

  • the small 5kWp SustainBox;
  • the large 80kWp Rapid Deployment system with 150kWh battery storage; and
  • up to a complex, custom-built Multipurpose Solar Container.

This new solar solution is ideally suited for off-grid applications, such as rural electrification, mini grids, governmental requirements, disaster management, humanitarian efforts, and agricultural applications.

Partnering to extend versatility

Sustainable Power Generation has partnered with PWRstation – a Swiss company offering a unique solar mounting technology called EXOrac.

In addition to conventional fixed mounting systems, SustainSolar containers can be equipped with the innovative EXOrac retractable mounting system. Engineered to simplify and accelerate solar activations, EXOrac makes installation simple, up to 16-times faster than any existing system available today.

Sustainable Power Generation is the new South African partner for distribution and installation of PWRstation’s product range with a focus on African market opportunities.

Going forward

The local South African market is the current distribution strategy for SustainSolar’s innovation; however, there is a strong focus on export to areas of low infrastructure and support, such as Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, and Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

In light of this, SustainSolar will be on display at the Future Energy Nigeria conference and trade show in November 2018 at the South African Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) Pavilion. “When it comes to further product development – aside from size diversification – our solar product will include the integration of water treatment, and refrigeration applications as standalone solar PV or hybrid systems,” explains Tobias.

With the first SustainSolar container due to be launched in November 2018, Sustainable Power Generation is on its way to becoming the leading African manufacturer of containerised solutions for power generation from clean energy sources such as solar, biogas, and natural gas. ESI

Containerised mini-grid system with 50kWp of PV and 150kWh of lithium-ion batteries for electrifying about 30 households.

About the company

Sustainable Power Generation offers containerised, high-quality, durable solutions for sustainable power generation, designed and manufactured in South Africa, with world-class components. With dedication to quality, passion for efficiency, and an urge to fulfill our responsibility to people and the planet, we strive to make a difference in the way developing economies generate power. |