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Webinar recording: Is the evolution of the electric motorbike the beginning of the EV sector in Africa?

Duration: 60 minutes

Are electric motorbikes an entry point and accelerating agent to Africa’s e-mobility potential?

Rapid rural to urban migration coupled with limited public transportation and dependence on fossil fuels for mobility has increased congestion and poor air quality in most African metropolitan cities. According to the Changing Transport Organisation report, between 2000 and 2016, sub-Saharan Africa experienced a 75% increase in emissions, with transport emissions increasing by 153% in Ghana, 73% in Kenya, and 16% in Nigeria. 

Driven by health and environmental concerns and the need to reduce dependency on oil imports, electric mobility (e-mobility) is gaining prominence across the continent’s public and private sectors. There has been a particular expansion in the continent in the e-mobility space of bikes and trikes, from boda-bodas to motor-cycle taxi drives, bikes and trikes are seen by some as a tool to leapfrog Africa into the e-mobility scene.  

The webinar ‘travelled’ along the entire value chain of the ‘bikes and trikes’ journey through the lens of three critical components for Africa:  

  • Policy and regulations 
  • Financing  
  • Infrastructure 

Moderator: Alexander Koerner, Program Officer, UNEP


  • Josh Whale, CEO, Ampersand, Rwanda
  • Emile Fulcheri, CTO, Stima Mobility, Kenya
  • Hiten Parmar, Director, uYilo eMobility Technology Innovation Programme.

Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith is a conference producer for Clarion Events Africa.