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Sixty candidates, selected from over 400 applications from 37 countries, are embarking on a learning programme on state-of-the-art technologies in power generation, distribution, storage, and management.

This article first appeared in ESI-Africa Edition 1, 2019. You can read the magazine’s articles here or subscribe here to receive a print copy.

The 2019 edition of Open Africa Power has commenced in Ethiopia. This Enel Foundation training programme is dedicated to high profile African graduates interested in developing a holistic know-how in the electricity field to work in the private and public sectors towards the electrification of Africa.

The course covers technology, economic and legal aspects, and policy and regulation challenges in the energy transition. The programme kicked off with a one-week residential module involving 60 candidates from 18 African countries who will attend classes at the University of Addis Ababa and at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Carlo Papa, director of Enel Foundation, said: “The programme addresses the need to develop a new highly skilled and motivated generation capable of joining the energy sector in the public or private domains, as well as through participation in civil society and NGOs. This is crucial for the progressive decarbonisation of Africa, for the retaining of talents in their respective countries and to help deploy more resilient societies, capable of minimising some of the consequences of climate change in the continent.”

In a special panel discussion session, Foundation Talk, attention will turn to Africa’s challenges and opportunities around the need to deploy additional power generation capacity, while revamping and expanding existing electricity grids to deal with increasing power density levels. The session participants will discuss the nexus between food, water and electricity in a context of increased need for resilient infrastructures. Following the recent African Development Bank African Economic Outlook 2019, the Foundation Talk will address the challenges of structural transformation in the region and the role of the private sector. Despite the positive GDP growth forecasts (3,5% in 2018, with steady growth above 2% expected for the next two years), Africa has de-industrialised prematurely and there is a dire need to develop a strong manufacturing sector in the region.

Resulting from a cooperation between Italian and African universities, the programme is implemented in partnership with Strathmore University in Kenya who was also the implementing partner of the first edition held in 2018 in Nairobi (refer infographic). Following the African module, the programme continues with an online training delivered by Florence School of Regulation and a two week residential training module in Italy. The Italian module, taking place in June 2019, will involve a selection of the most talented participants and include lectures at Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, and Bocconi University as well as visits to operating plants and other sites of interest of the Enel Group. ESI


This article first appeared in ESI-Africa Edition 1, 2019. You can read the magazine’s articles here or subscribe here to receive a print copy.