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Energy storage, a necessity in grid infrastructure

As global electricity grids embrace the new energy economy, storage plays a key role in infrastructure planning, according to research firm Navigant Research.

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The firm has recently launched the ‘Energy Storage Tracker 2Q19‘ report, which notes that the electricity landscape has grown increasingly sophisticated, marked by new types of projects being monetised by innovative business models.

The report further identifies several key factors that continue to increase the global need for energy storage deployments. The restructuring of electricity markets will enable the valuation of the flexible benefits of energy storage deployments. Variable generation sources such as solar PV and wind that are connected to power grids will require increased load balancing against demand.

Areas with unstable grids and frequent outages will benefit from distributed energy storage systems (DESSs) and microgrids with storage. Load profiles will play a critical role in the structure and operation of the power grid, which will influence the development of energy storage markets.

This report provides a comprehensive resource of global energy storage projects.

The Tracker includes a database of 2,092 projects and tracks the country, region, market segment, capacity, status, technology vendor, systems integrator, applications, funding, investment, and key milestones of each project.

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In addition, it includes an analysis of the technology choice within each major region for energy storage, analysis of the leading regions for energy storage capacity and projects, and market share analysis for technology vendors for deployed and future projects.

Access more report details here.

Ashley Theron
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