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ECOWAS region: Call for the development of waste to energy projects

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) seeks to conduct pre-feasibility studies for waste to energy projects.

The deadline for submission of proposals is the 28 August 2020, 18h00 UTC.

In the ECOWAS region, most countries face the challenges of municipal waste collection and disposal. While the municipalities continue facing the challenges of waste management, the urban populations continue to grow and thereby compounding the existing problems around waste management.

The challenges of municipal waste management is characterised by the lack of adequate and sustainable infrastructural services, especially in the new and ever expanding settlements. One of the services that is severely hampering the development of these expanding settlements is the unavailability of adequate energy services.

This therefore results in inadequate energy services and hence rationing of the available resource through frequent power outages. Other infrastructural services such as roads, water and telecommunication services are equally hampered by the expanding urban populations.

The expanding urban populations contribute to current waste management problems as well. The municipalities, who have the ardent task of keeping the cities clean, face numerous challenges in the collection, transportation and disposal of the waste, that is either incinerated in open dumpsites (and often indiscriminately) or left in the open without any proper management system.

To address these problems, ECREEE wants to explore various waste management options that could generate energy from the ‘waste’.

In this context, ECREEE intends to select a maximum of six WTE projects from municipal waste from cities in ECOWAS member states to carry out pre-feasibility studies.

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Instructions for submission of proposals

  • Proposals should be submitted by email ONLY to tender@ecreee.org, clearly indicating in the subject: DEVELOPMENT OF MUNICIPAL WASTE TO ENERGY PROJECTS FOR CLEANER CITIES INITIATIVE IN ECOWAS REGION.
  • For additional information or request for clarification, please send an email to bioenergy@ecreee.org
  • Proposals should not be submitted on ZIP format or exceed 10MB (total attachment per email)

The deadline for submission of proposals is the 28 August 2020, 18h00 UTC.

More details about this request, visit ECREEE.

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