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A responsAbility-managed energy company focusing on Sub-Sahara Africa, together with Africa Growth and Energy Solutions (AGES), have signed an agreement to co-develop a 25MW solar PV project in Sierra Leone’s Bo District.

The project is to be built in two phases, with construction on a 5MW plant intended to start this year.

The responsAbility-managed energy company intends to provide the development and construction equity finance to fast-track the implementation of the first 5MW phase of the project, under the agreement with AGES, in support of the government of Sierra Leone and the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority’s electrification agenda.

The site for the first 5MW plant is located 300 km east of the capital Freetown in Sierra Leone’s Bo District, between Bo and Kenema. Read more: Ministry inaugurates Solar Park Freetown project

Under a Power Purchase Agreement and Implementation Agreement ratified by Parliament, the produced electricity will be fed into the Bo-Kenema transmission mini-grid, which is being upgraded.

Waiting for the green light

According to the project developers, an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the project prepared by local consultants has been submitted to the Sierra Leone Environmental Protection Agency for approval.

Speaking on behalf of responsAbility, Joseph Nganga, executive director of the responsAbility-managed renewable energy company for Africa, explained: “In the seriously underserved Sierra Leon electricity market, this project represents a real opportunity to make a transformational development impact.

“By working with AGES, experienced developers with an in-depth understanding of the local energy market, we ensure that new segments of the population gain access to electricity, a basic pre-requisite for development.”

Albert Smith, Development Director of Africa Growth and Energy Solutions, further underlined: “West Africa has amongst the highest solar radiation in the world and Bo is well positioned on the country solar map.

“We are pleased to team up with the responsAbility-managed energy company to implement this exciting new development.”

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