procurement wind solar

Procurement bidding process for emergency electricity explained

The DMRE gazetted the Minister of Energy’s Sector 34 determination and convened a bidders’ conference about emergency power procurement.
just energy transition

Coal sector workers need upskilling for a just energy transition

RES4Africa has recently released a report analysing the reskilling framework necessary for South Africa to achieve a just energy transition away from coal.
food system

Net-zero cold chains for food report

Delivering affordable, nutritious, and safe food that provides good financial returns for producers while minimising the environmental and climate change impacts is challenging.
e-mobility Zembo Uganda

Uganda: E-mobility on a pay as you go model to boost...

E-mobility star-up Zembo is trying to create a new market for e-mobility in Ugandan capital Kampala with a lease-to-own business model for electric motorcycles.
Morocco decentralised energy

Morocco: 5-point plan to mobilise a decentralised energy transition

In Morocco, people participating in decision-making on decentralised energy has not been applied throughout the country but this can change.
solar power

Solar power, in clear view

When the sun doesn’t shine, there is no solar power but that’s not strictly true as witnessed in communities throughout Africa.
DRC: A change of perspective on Africa's problem child

DRC: A change of perspective on Africa’s problem child

Currently under 20% of the population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has access to electricity, states the World Bank.
women in energy

Women in energy means more clean energy for all across Africa

The first dialogue on Women In Energy pinpointed the social enterprise opportunities available in the African energy transition.

Nuclear associations of South Africa demand construction new plants

In a statement released to the media NECSA scientist Thomas Sibiya said the associations had gathered to demonstrate their support for the nuclear industry at Pretoria-Sunnyside Jubilee Park on Saturday.
Nuclear energy: The future of a sustainable world.

Nuclear energy: The future of a sustainable world

Nuclear energy is disputatious due to the dread of a mishap, and how to manage the waste. But it is more adaptable, writes Norvergence LLC.

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