Battery market

Op-Ed: Energy storage is the key to energy access in East...

Pumped hydro dams are prominently used as energy storage in East Africa, but that is changing with the increase in renewable energies plus battery storage.
Green Outcomes Fund

Green Outcomes Fund launches to grow green SMMEs in SA

The Green Outcomes Fund, a first of its kind structure, incentivises local South African fund managers to increase investment in green SMME businesses.

World-first for Seychelles: IPP to develop largest floating solar plant

A French developer is set out to construct a floating solar array on a saltwater lagoon in Seychelles under a 25-year PPA with Public Utilities Corporation.
renewable energy access

Op-Ed: DER much more than rural electrification in Africa

Decentralised energy resources in a form of solar home systems and mini-grids have brought electricity to tens of millions of rural Africans.
climate action

COP26 postponed but commitment to climate change goals remains

The COP26 UN climate change conference that was set to take place in Glasgow in November has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Project Unlockdown: SA tech community helps govt fight COVID-19 threat

In South Africa, the tech industry launched Project Unlockdown before the official lockdown for volunteers to coordinate and help solve problems.

Urgent discussions on utilities’ response to COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management webinar series is part of the #HeartForTheSector initiative as the energy sector prepares for post-pandemic challenges.

Lockdown is a force majeure for wind farm projects in construction

SAWEA has confirmed that a Government Notice has classified electricity production, supply and maintenance as essential services during lockdown.
Africa Energy Forum

EnergyNet responds to COVID-19 pandemic

A message from the organisers of the 2020 edition of the Africa Energy Forum (aef), EnergyNet, recognises these are uncertain and difficult times.

COVID-19 lessons for the future: Data and cooperation are key

"Rather than the vanity projects that some development banks and private financiers have encouraged we need to focus on universal access to basic services."

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