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Two-part webinar series: Municipal Leaders Forum

The Municipal Leaders Forum – brought to you by African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa – discussed the future of municipalities in South Africa.

South African municipalities historically have had glaring disparities with Metropolitans, secondary cities and towns being more efficient in effective in the delivery of services and the more rural local municipalities teetering on the verge of collapse.

The structural problem in terms of municipalities in the country is a long standing and complicated conundrum. The COVID-19 pandemic has further shown a spotlight on these disparities and also highlight the very real need that for municipalities to remain relevant and effective they need to start moving towards a smarter model.

For this two-part webinar, the Municipal Leaders Forum focused on two critical themes:

  • Municipality resilience: What does the municipality of the future look like in a changing regulatory environment?
  • The bottom line: Mitigating the financial conundrum in municipality balance sheets

Municipality Resilience: What does the municipality of the future look like in a changing regulatory environment?

The Municipality Resilience webinar will focus on the changing regulatory environment in South Africa. The recently gazetted amendments to the electricity regulations for new electricity generation capacity, which opens the way for “municipalities in good financial standing to develop their own power generation projects”. This means that municipalities now need to start rethinking what the municipality of tomorrow looks like. Register to hear from industry thought leaders about how a resilient municipality of the future looks like.

A resilient municipality also means that municipality leaders and key stakeholders will need to take a closer look at their financial standing. Bloated wage bills and archaic revenue collection methods which have further been worsened by the ongoing pandemic have had a devastating effect on municipalities.

The webinar addresses major focus areas:

  • How will municipalities engage with utilities?
  • What does sustainable engagement with IPPs look like?
  • Unpacking and understanding Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in the context of municipalities

The bottom line: Mitigating the financial conundrum in Municipality balance sheets

Register for the bottom line webinar, focusing on the financial balancing act that municipalities in the country face.

Gain direct insights into key challenges and opportunities in the South African municipal space.

The financial balancing act that municipalities in the country face is one that needs to be urgently addressed and one that includes all invested parties.

“The bottom line: Mitigating the financial conundrum in Municipality balance sheets’ webinar will address major facets of the financial challenges facing municipalities:

  • Navigating a bloated wage bill and decreased capital expenditure budgets
  • Innovation as a solution to the billing and revenue collection hurdle
  • Local economic development
  • Funding mechanism
  • Traditional funding models
  • Hybrid funding models

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