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In April, Nigeria’s international electricity customers remitted $18 million to the federal government.

This is according to a Market Operator (MO) report published by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), which Moshhod Saleeman tabled this week in Kaduna state at a power sector meeting.

According to media, the report states that the MO received and disbursed $4 million from the international customers; and disbursed the same to service providers in March this year. Read more: Nigeria Morocco gas pipeline on the cards

Saleeman was quoted saying that while the Transmission Service Provider got $3 million, the System Operator (SO) received $363,83,97; MO got $22,115.69; Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company (NBET) got $18926.42; and the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) received $353,100.28; totaling $3,994,578.48.

Energy delivered

In the MO’s dash board summary for April 2018, which was the section that contained the international customers payment, pointed out that energy sent out by electricity generation companies (gencos) was 99,234,73MWh while energy delivered to bilateral customers was 89,788.60MWh.

The invoice to discos from Service Providers charges was N10 billion ($28 million), while the amount remitted by discos to MO was N4 billion ($11 million) representing 42%.

Amount disbursed to the Service Provider by the MO was also N4 billion representing 42%, media reported.

The document however pointed out that there was a shortfall of N5 billion ($14 million), representing 58% while the interest that accrued on discos outstanding balance stood at N5 billion.

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