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The Digital Dialogues – Join the conversation

ESI Africa and Enlit Africa are joining forces to produce a series of virtual roundtables – The Digital Dialogues.

This series of in-depth discussions will hone in on specific topics, drawing on experts in various sectors, providing strategic insight into the African energy sector. Highly topical, focused discussions will provide an opportunity for all attendees to share their insights and engage in a live discussion.

Claire Volkwyn, head of content, Enlit Africa, commented: “One of the most important elements of information sharing is a chance to discuss in-depth where challenges and opportunities lie. Our roundtables offer this opportunity by bringing together experts and sector stakeholders to share their insights and engage for a deeper understanding of the issues.”

once-off opportunity to join the conversation, ask the question and make new contacts

Operating under the Chatham House Rule the virtual discussions will be reported on only in general terms and not recorded for later dissemination. This makes the Digital Dialogues a once-off opportunity to join the conversation, ask the question and make new contacts.

“In order to facilitate a discussion in which everyone can and does participate, we have to restrict attendance to no more than 15 people. To make it as fair as possible we will be requesting that potential participants apply to us for admission to the discussions,” Volkwyn continued, explaining why attendees need to register their interest to attend ahead of the live session.

The Digital Dialogues kick off with three sessions in May:

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Thereafter, there will be one Digital Dialogue every month.

  • 30 Jun – Power system resilience: expecting the unexpected
  • 7 Jul –  Smart cities: a roadmap for Africa
  • 4 Aug – The race for green bonds in emerging markets
  • 1 Sep – Hydrogen: hype or Africa’s hope?
  • 6 Oct – The Future of Energy – a future forward outlook
  • 3 Nov – SWOT: Analysing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith is a conference producer for Clarion Events Africa.