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high court

High Court favours Eskom in judgement against NERSA

The judgement means that Eskom will now be in a position to recover prudent and efficient costs that were incurred in the three financial years.
free basic electricity

Nigeria: Electricity tariff increase to take effect on 1 July

NERC warned electricity distribution companies to not mention their name or federal government in any public communications on the tariff increase.
nuclear physicist

Nuclear physicist and former Necsa exec to lead Wits University

The appointment of Prof. Vilakazi, a nuclear physicist, comes after the DMRE released the Request for Information for 2,500MW new nuclear power on 14 June 2020.
Climate policies

Climate policies essential for energy transition

Mitigating the negative social impacts from climate policies is essential to ensure broad support for the energy transition.

PREO launches first call for off-grid project grant proposals

Eligible projects will receive PREO grants in the range of €100,000 and €300,000 and will be judged against a number of criteria. Deadline 30 July 2020.
Kibo Energy

Kibo Energy obtains £1 million in investment

Kibo Energy has secured £1 million investment that will enable it continue to advance its diverse energy project portfolio comprising 1,255MW.
specialised transformers

Op-Ed: Solar to spur continent’s post-pandemic bounce?

Installing solar PV on-site, rooftop or ground-mounted, can reduce the electricity costs for the users with 30-60% on their daytime consumption.
COVID-19 recovery

Long-term climate strategies critical to recovery says World Bank

Long-term climate strategies that look ahead to 2050 can help countries unlock new economic opportunities while also ensuring a safer climate, says a new World Bank report.

South Africa to adopt a zero-budgeting approach, Mboweni reveals

South Africa's Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced a zero-budgeting approach on programmes that the country can no longer afford.

IRENA urges governments to align economic stimulus with sustainability

Governments can align immediate economic stimulus needs with medium to long-term decarbonisation and sustainable development objectives by targeting policy measures.

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