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Ghana urged to stop water and power subsidies

[img:ghana_0.JPG| ]21 February 2013 - Subsidising water and power for political gain is crippling utility providers and letting down Ghanaian consumers, says the Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Ghana."It is time to end the political game over subsidies," the research body says.

The three power utility companies, Volta River Authority (VRA), Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), have been explaining the reasons for problems with their services including why the country has been hit with shortages of electricity and water. This has reignited the debate on subsidies Ghanaweb reports.

Grant towards 8 MW project in Madagascar

[img:renew3.thumbnail.jpg| ]15 February 2013 - The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has approved a US$1 million grant to finalise pre-investment activities for a hybrid renewable energy project in Nosy Be Island in Madagascar.

The grant will be used to finance feasibility studies for a combination of hydro, wind and solar technologies, technical assistance to the national power utility, and the transactions advisory for a public private partnership.

GE to invest US$1 billion in Nigeria

[img:nigeria_0_1.JPG| ]14 February 2013 - General Electric says it plans to invest US$1 billion in Nigeria, something which will help triple the country's power capacity over the next decade. Of this US$250 million will be invested immediately, with the rest of the money spent on local sourcing of goods and services.

GE Chairman Jeff Immelt says that the projects will create more than 2,000 jobs in Nigeria, nearly all of them going to Nigerians. The investment includes further funding for the service workshops in Port Harcourt and Onne in Rivers State. The investment will also support the company’s power generation, oil and gas production and exploration activities.

Investors want oil and gas companies to report fracking risks

[img:Fracking.thumbnail.jpg| ]12 February 2013 - Citing concerns over water management, toxic chemical disclosure, greenhouse gas emissions and other community impacts, investors have called upon nine leading oil and gas companies to disclose critical information about the ways they are managing and measuring the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operations and shale gas transmission.

Financing for Takoradi II completed

[img:Money.thumbnail.jpg| ]8 February 2013 - The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company ( TAQA ) and its partner, Volta River Authority (VRA), have completed the US$330 million financing for the expansion of the Takoradi II power plant in Ghana.

The expansion project will convert the existing gas-fired plant into a combined cycle unit, increasing its output from 220 MW to approximately 330 MW without requiring additional fuel. This represents an addition of 50% capacity without increasing carbon dioxide emissions. The extra energy will be sold to VRA under the terms of a revised 25year power purchase agreement. The plant was recently converted from primarily an oil-fired plant to one fuelled by natural gas as part of a considered effort within Ghana's power generation industry towards cleaner-burning fuel.

Ghana’s national electricity access at 72%

[img:Lalaua%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]6 February 2013 - Rural electrification in Ghana was initiated in 1970. About 70 communities benefited from the installation of diesel generating plants with corresponding distribution networks Beneficiary communities contributed about 1% of the capital cost. In 1989 the National Electrification Scheme (NES) policy was instituted to replace the 1970 policy.

Tanesco withdraws tariff hike request

[img:Tanesco_0.jpg| ]5 February 2013 - Tanzania’s national electric supply company (Tanesco) has withdrawn its application to hike tariffs by over 155 per cent but requested to turn the current emergency prices in the country into a permanent feature. This is according to a report by Tanzania’s Daily News.

Small dams to boost Ugandan rural electrification

[img:Money.thumbnail.jpg| ]1 February 2013 - Uganda’s rural electrification drive has received a US$17.6 million boost from the Dutch ORIO Infrastructure Fund for feasibility studies leading to the construction of 10 mini hydro power stations around the country.

New Vision newspaper report that the support will bolster efforts to increase access to electricity in the rural areas from 1% to over 10% through the use  of renewable energy solutions such as small hydro’s, solar and biogas.

Nigeria power generation at almost 4,300 MW

[img:October%2021%202008%20pic%203_0.JPG| ]28 January 2013 - The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said on Friday 25th of January that electricity generation in Nigeria during that week reached 4,286 MW.

Its highest level was just over 4,500 MW achieved in December 2012. Meanwhile This Day reports that the on-going privatisation of power assets in the country will attract significant non-oil foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Nigerian economy in the short-to-medium term.

Solar park bidding expected this year in Morocco

[img:solar_0.JPG| ]25 January 2013 - Morocco is expected to open up bidding for the second phase of its planned Ouarzazate solar power project by the end of 2013, according to the country’s minister of mines and energy Fouad Douiri. The second phase project is to provide some 300 MW to 340 MW once completed and bring the total capacity at Ouarzazate to about 500 MW for both phases.

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