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Mozambique introduces sharp electricity tariff increase

Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) has announced a sharp tariff increase in four categories of low-voltage customers namely; those on the social tariff, domestic tariff, agricultural tariff and general tariff.

The latest announcement brings a total of four tariff increase implementations in the last five years.  

EDM cites the same justifications as in the previous three tariff increases: “To allow the company to continue to invest in the expansion of the network, with a view to meeting the growth in demand and increasing access to electricity, and to ensure a financial balance which will provide for the continuity of quality and secure energy supply.”

The increases mean that domestic consumers using up to 300 kilowatts per month will now pay 6.63 meticais per kilowatt hour, 1.17 meticais more than previously. This translates to a 17.6% increase. 

For prepaid customers, the Credelec increase is 1.49 meticais kilowatt hour, which now costs 8.44 meticais also translating to a 17.6% increase

The agricultural tariff has almost doubled to 4.08 meticais per kilowatt hour. That is nearly a 100% increase. Read more: Coal suppliers and IPPs influence Eskom’s request for tariff increase

Rates for the “social category” – those Mozambicans regarded as poor – remain unchanged.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

This article was originally published on Green Building Africa and is republished with permission with minor editorial changes.

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