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Ethiopia gears up for natural gas exploration

The Ethiopian Minister of Mines, Natural Gas and Petroleum, Motuma Maekassa has announced that government will be exploring natural resources in Ogaden adding that having good mining policies and regulations will assist in this regard.

According to the Ethiopian Herald, the minister indicated that at present the nation’s economy is estimated to be benefiting only 2% from the mining sector whereas in other countries the sector covers 50-60% of the national economy. Read more…

“The resource is in our hand, we can use it in the future. It is better to use properly in the future as its untapped resource in Ethiopia,” said Maekassa.

He continued: “The exploration period has taken more than seventy years. The termination of exploring was a short period of time, but it takes much time to develop. However, currently natural gas has been explored and developing to get the product in near future.”

Additional natural gas exploration

Minister Maekassa said further exploration of additional natural gas and petroleum deposits is continued.

The activity of stretching the pipeline has started in neighbouring Djibouti to develop and export the resource, he added.

Media stated that Russian and American companies have been exploring for a long period of time, however they did not assure the economic feasibility of natural gas.

Due to the need of huge capital, mine and natural gas exploration processes take a considerable time to develop.

Media cited the minister stating that policies and regulations should be comfortable to utilise natural resources.

Babalwa Bungane
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