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South Africa’s power utility, Eskom, has confirmed receipt of payment from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) for electricity services rendered to Zimbabwe.

“Eskom confirms that the payment made by Zimbabwe is reflecting in its account today,” said the power utility on Tuesday afternoon.

The power utility said it will continue discussions with the ZESA to find a mutually beneficial solution to the outstanding debt.

“Eskom is a commercial operation and will be guided by the contracts we have in place with ZESA,” it said.

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Eskom’s confirmation comes after Zimbabwean Minister of Energy and Power Development, Fortune Chasi, earlier on Tuesday posted a screenshot of the neighbouring country’s R139 million (approximately $10 million) payment to Eskom, on Twitter.

In a post on Twitter, Chasi said while part of the debt has been paid to Eskom, this is “no guarantee for power. The public owes R350 million. It must be paid,” he said, warning Zimbabweans to pay or be switched off.

The non-payment for service resulted in Zimbabwe experiencing power cuts whereby the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company implemented a wide scale load shedding programme last month plunging the country into darkness.