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Zimbabwe’s Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi, has made an open call for applications from members of the public to submit their CVs for possible appointment to boards of State entities.

This appointment aims to do away with mismanagement, nepotism, and corruption in the country’s energy sector.

In an exclusive interview with, Chasi said the decision was made in order to help him widen his reach before making a choice on the candidate.

“The open call is going to help in the sense that it brings a broader range of people to choose from, not having a small group that is known just by myself. We have more people applying and we will conduct interviews and we can be able to identify skilled people that we need,” he revealed.

The energy minister added that he was also doing this to ensure transparency.

“Just to make sure that the process is open and transparent, and that there is a bigger pool from which to select board members rather than just thinking of people whom I know,” he said.

This development comes after Chasi decided to dissolve the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) board. This decision was taken as Chasi felt that the board was not doing much to address the power challenges.

The Board has failed to “appreciate the urgency of the situation we are in”, he said.

The minister then assured that he will replace the board with people who do not wait for monthly or quarterly meetings to address power challenges confronting the nation.