Financial Modeler

If you are a pro when it comes to modelling financial proposals and business plans for energy access projects across Africa, then this job opportunity is calling your name!

An industry leader is looking for a technically minded financial expert with 3-6 years of experience consulting on rural electrification energy projects. Someone who is able to produce convincing commercial cases and business proposals for grid-tied, off-grid and decentralised energy projects.

They are looking for someone who is driven by their passion to accelerate change and in turn enable economic growth for communities in emerging markets. 


This role requires a professional with experience working along the entire value chain, from understanding the needs of government as well as the policies pertaining, right through to the commercial viability for the private sector needs and in essence the end-user adoption of the proposed solutions. You will need to be someone who looks at the bigger picture and understands the intricacies of ripple on effects and user adoption.

Understanding that it is all very well to create a financial model which looks bankable, but if the environment and circumstances of the identified project locations are not viable the proposal becomes void. Although this opportunity requires the skills of a consultant with financial analysis and modelling expertise, the ideal candidate will have a strong engineering understanding with an ability to envision the technical demands of an investable project.

If you are the perfect candidate for this opportunity to grow your career with an entrepreneurially minded team who turn to IoT and cutting edge technologies to solve major barriers to economic development, you will have proven experience consulting on projects which are structured around results-based finance. 

The team has worked on major projects with some of the largest international funding partners, and although the firm’s culture embodies free-thinkers, surfer type persona’s, a small close-knit (international) team and a flexible working environment when it comes to delivering on their project proposals they do not leave success up to chance. They are incredibly focused and put in the additional hours to ensure quality reports are produced, even if it requires traveling into Africa to gain further insight into the needs of the project or sourcing external experts to add additional value to their proposed solutions. They are strategic and agile, they live by their mission and do not compromise on delivery.

This role will see you challenging your traditional thought and thinking out of the box. You will find yourself leaning on the local and international team, pulling the best resources to the project as well as managing your internal experts to ensure that bids and consulting projects are delivered on time. You will be an excellent academic writer, and enjoy sharing your concise, technical and informative articles which highlight the financial motivators for a project’s success.

You will find yourself spending the majority of your time writing reports and analysing financial models. You will be an excellent analyst, able to draw information from various resources including in person. Your entrepreneurial background will play a pivotal role in understanding and elaborating on business models which promote the use of sustainable power in rural settings. You will understand demand-side management technologies and corresponding behavioural interventions. You will be well-versed with solar PV design and grid connection as well as able to establish financial KPI’s for energy projects which work. 

If this sounds like an opportunity that will not only challenge you but see you putting your depth of experience to good use as you enable socio-economic growth for rural Africa, then apply now!

Education requirements

  • An honours level degree in a relevant field
  • A Masters graduate would be prioritised
  • Candidates with relevant internship experience will be prioritised

Experience requirements

You will need to be familiar with the renewable energy industry and your core responsibility will be to prepare and analyse financial models

You will be required to conduct interviews, workshops and focus groups


  • Ability to read technical solar PV designs
  • Project management skills are key
  • Ability to speak French, Portuguese and or Swahili is ideal
  • You should be passionate about the environment and climate change mitigation, striving to solve the global issue throughout all of your actions
  • You should be excited by the intersection between climate change and technology
  • A strong engineering understanding is necessary

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