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Become an expert on the new Carbon Tax Act

Carbon strategist are collaborating to bring South African companies up to speed with the newly implemented carbon tax act.

The specialist in carbon management, 5inc, announced that it is offering this training to assist companies to better understand and comply with the objectives set out in the act.

The company will also be partnering and collaborating with other carbon strategists to bolster its expertise and experience, enabling clients to understand and comply with the Act but also reduce their tax liability by lowering company emissions.

Managing director of 5inc, Yasmine Miemiec said: “We previously focused on upcycling and the benefits thereof, which is the final stage of the carbon management process. Carbon management was always one of our offerings, but it was brought to the forefront when the Carbon Tax Bill was signed into law.” 

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5inc’s offering includes analysing companies’ emissions and pollutions, and where they originate in order to establish its carbon footprint.

By taking a closer look at organisations’ production processes in a number of industries including mining and manufacturing, 5inc will develop sustainability strategies to reduce their negative impact on the environment. 

The company also provides carbon tax training, affording companies with the understanding of how the Carbon Tax Act works and, more importantly, how to change company behaviour in order to lower carbon emissions.

 Investing in renewable

In addition to the afore mentioned services, 5inc also offers new waste management solutions as well as consultations on how to establish offsetting projects such as purchasing credit by investing in renewable energy, solar lighting or investing in initiatives that reduce pollution.  

5inc advises companies on becoming more energy efficient and thereby more tax compliant.  This provides an added benefit to companies that strive for a Return on Investment when it comes to Carbon Tax Act.

“Consumer are looking to support companies that have a lower impact on the environment and if businesses demonstrate that they are environmentally conscientious, it benefits them through an enhanced brand reputation,” noted Miemiec.

Babalwa Bungane
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