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Municipalities beware: The power of consent; the lynchpin of PoPIA?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) has left many South African municipalities uncertain about the boundaries of consent. Here's what they need to know.
infrastructure invesment

AfDB & EIB join forces to boost Africa’s infrastructure investment

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and European Investment Bank (EIB) have signed a joint partnership action plan highlighting their strengthened cooperation and mutual development priorities and a strong shared emphasis on boosting public and private sector investment in Africa.

UK-Africa Summit: Renewables critical for Africa’s economic recovery

Renewables will be a critical driver of Africa’s post-COVID-19 growth recovery and economic prosperity, said experts at UK-Africa Summit.
Tlou Energy and Botswana Power Corporation execute a pilot PPA

Tlou Energy and Botswana Power Corporation execute a pilot PPA

A pilot PPA has been fully executed between Tlou Energy and Botswana Power Corporation for the first 2MW of power from the Lesedi project.

How to finance the just energy transition in South Africa and...

CDC Group, TIPS and NBI announced the launch of the 'Just Transition Finance Roadmap' in South Africa and India.

Ed’s note: The new heyday for coal in the energy transition

Sometimes referred to as black gold, coal dominates power markets globally but can it survive an energy transition and disinvestment?
MIGA issues $26m in guarantees supporting Escotel Mauritius

MIGA issues $26m in guarantees to Escotel Mauritius’ solar investment

MIGA guarantees will support the provision of electricity to telecommunication network sites in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
hydrogen fuel cell

Impala Platinum invests in a fund for hydrogen energy

Baker McKenzie has advised Implats on its investment into a fund that focuses on companies developing sustainable hydrogen energy.
fossil fuel emissions

IEA warns methane emissions resurgence imminent

Global methane emissions from the oil and gas industry fell by about 10% in 2020 as producers slashed production. But, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warns emission will rebound strongly without greater action from companies, policy makers and regulators.
infrastructure invesment

Future resilience depends on smart infrastructure investment today

A focus on “building back better” can address long-standing challenges and resilience states a new publication from the Swiss RE institute aimed at emerging markets and developing economies.

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