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ZESCO saves 85MW with energy-saving lamps

Following the distribution of 1.5 million energy saving lamps throughout the company, Zambian utility, Zesco, has saved more than 85 megawatts of power in terms in power demand.

Readlay Makaliki, Zesco’s senior manager for demand-side management said “The company’s aim is to promote the culture of energy efficiency to the benefit of all customers as the power that is saved will be redistributed to other areas on the national grid whilst customers will save some money by reducing their bills on lighting”

In commemoration of Energy Week in Lusaka (13th-19th July), the utility has installed  75 with energy-saving compact florescent lamps, solar water geysers and a gas cooking stove, assisting the City of Hope Orphanage to use energy more efficiently.

“This donation also reaffirms Government’s commitment to increase access to clean modern energy services, promote energy efficiency and conservation and diversify Zambia’s energy mix to foster economic growth and mitigate the energy challenges being faced by the majority of Zambians, especially underprivileged institutions such as City of Hope” said Charles Zulu, Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development.

The theme of this year’s Energy Week: “Zambia at 50: Diversifying Energy Sources”. Zesco has procured and distributed 1.5 million energy-saving lamps since November, 2011.

Managing Director of Davis and Shirtliff Zambia Ltd, Jonathan Mainga said “Our opinion is that we need as the nation to embrace the concept of having multiple energy sources in our homes and institutions”. Davis and Shirtliff donated the solar water geyser to the City of Hope.