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Beat air pollution for World Environment Day through energy programme

This year’s World Environment Day theme is ‘Air Pollution’ and, according to Schneider Electric, fossil fuel combustion is the biggest contributor thereof.

The leading culprit today is traffic, but factories and power plants also continue to contribute to some extent. This has encouraged Schneider Electric to play an active role in combating air pollution.

“At Schneider Electric, we care about the many places where we have a corporate presence. This means playing an active role in serving markets that consume 70% of the world’s energy demand but also bringing economic and sustainable development to some of the most remote, off-grid communities around the world,” says Taru Madangombe, vice president of power systems business in Anglophone Africa for Schneider Electric.

Why focus on air pollution for World Environment Day 2019?

Conventional power plants that combust fossil fuels to produce energy emits hazardous gases such as oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, particulates and hydrocarbons into the air.

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Madangombe explains that the company’s commitment to solar power and electric vehicles is well documented and globally Schneider Electric can state that:

  • It is moving to using 80% renewable electricity in its production facilities
  • It has achieved 10% CO2 efficiency in transportation
  • Its customers have avoided 120 million metric tons of CO2 through the company’s offers
  • The firm has seen a 25% increase in turnover for its EcoStruxure Energy & Sustainability Services
  • 75% of sales are under its new Green Premium programme
  • 200 of its sites labelled toward zero waste to landfill
  • 100% cardboard and pallets for transport packing is from recycled or certified sources
  • Schneider Electric has avoided primary source consumption of 120,000 metric tons through ecoFit recycling and take-back programmes

When is World Environment Day?

“In South Africa, we take great pride in our installations of solar powered lights at various schools and communities thus not only saving on fossil fuel but also providing a safer environment,” states Madangombe.

World Environment Day, which encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment, is celebrated on 5 June each year. Find out more on the World Environment Day website.

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