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UNDP to pilot energy efficiency incentive programme in SA

The Department of Energy in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is implementing the project, “Market Transformation through the Introduction of Energy Efficiency Standards and the Labelling of Household Appliances in South Africa,” hereafter referred to as the S&L Programme.

The objectives are removing inefficient electronic appliances from the South African market and encouraging adoption of efficient technologies by implementing measures/interventions such as minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), labelling programmes, and incentive programmes.

The overarching goal is to reduce electricity consumption and the carbon footprint of the residential sector.

The S&L programme is focusing on three workstreams to accelerate market transformation, and promote the adoption of high quality LEDs for household applications:

  • MEPS – Pursuing compulsory performance (including energy performance) and safety standards for LEDs.
  • Education and awareness creation – Introducing an information / value label to support existing energy label and aid consumer choices.
  • A pilot incentive programme for Gauteng –Trial incentive programme for Gauteng to inform possible national implementation.

Tender information

UNDP and the Department of Energy is looking to appointment of a retailer, supplier or manufacturer of qualifying LED lamps to the pilot retail incentive programme.

Offers comprising of a technical and financial proposal, in separate emails, should be submitted to procurement.za@undp.org.

Please note that offers should be received by UNDP no later than 8 July 2018, 12:00pm.

Should interested bidders require further clarifications, kindly communicate with the contact procurement.enquiries.za@undp.org

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