Hydropower dam of
UkrHydroEnergo, largest
power generator in
the Ukraine
Vyshgorod, Ukraine — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 22 December 2010 – With World Bank funding, the government of the Ukraine is carrying out a hydropower rehabilitation programme to improve the operational stability and reliability of its hydroelectric plants.

Revealing this development in a statement issued here, Ukraine utility UkrHydroEnergo (OJSC) announced that it had awarded a pair of contracts estimated at US$13.7 million (R93 million) to supply an automated dam safety monitoring system for its hydro-electric projects.

UkrHydroEnergo recently recruited consultants to study upgrading its transmission grid to support the hydro rehabilitation programme.

The statement added that the two new contracts for supply and installation of an automated safety monitoring system had been awarded to Ukraine’s Bankomzvjazok “’ US$12 million (R81 million), and to Switzerland’s Leica Geosystems AG “’ US$1.7 million (R12 million).