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UK launches fund to support lower SA carbon growth projects

Pretoria, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 01 March 2012 – The British High Commission has launched a £1-million fund for 2012/13 to provide support for projects in South Africa that are linked to prosperity, trade and low carbon growth.

According to the high commission, the money is part of a global fund which seeks to build prosperity “by increasing exports and investments, opening markets, and ensuring access to resources and energy security.

“Global security is underpinned by sustainable growth, higher levels of employment, rising standards of living, and greater regional/international trade,” the commission said, adding that climate change constituted one the biggest threats to global security.

It was therefore in the UK’s interest to promote open and stable markets and economies, tackle barriers to economic development, and to support a global transition to a low carbon economy, the commission added.

The commission has invited South African organisations to submit project proposals that meet the criteria outlined in its Prosperity Fund strategy.