Simon D’Ujanga,
Minister of State
for Energy
23 February 2010 – The Energy Minister of Uganda recently announced that the Bujagali Dam in Jinja is scheduled to start producing 250MW of hydropower by the middle of next year.  

Simon D’Ujanga, Minister of State for Energy, said the commissioning of the dam has been delayed for some time now due to its construction.  Despite efforts from the government to speed up the process, sub-surface complications have inhibited construction.  It is now predicated that construction will continue until the middle of next year.

The multi-billion dollar dam project is currently being constructed by the Agha Khan Fund for Economic Development. Although the original developers of the project had pulled out, the government remains committed to increasing national power supplies and will see the project through until its end.  Uganda’s demand for electricity is forecast to increase to 4,133MW in the next 20 years, and the government is striving to take action and plan ahead for future electrification.