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Sweden to become carbon neutral by 2045

Sweden has plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% and potentially become carbon neutral by 2045. This came about after a parliamentary committee submitted a new proposal, Climate Action reported.

Carbon neutral through green projects

It has been reported that the remaining 15% of emissions could be offset through partnering with international initiatives that are vested in climate projects covering clean energy and energy efficiency.

Climate Action has reported that Sweden has already tabled the idea of having zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

This is in addition to having the country’s vehicle fleet to operate off environmentally friendly fuels by 2030.

Countries including Costa Rica, Bhutan, Norway, and the Maldives have already committed to become carbon neutral.

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Asa Romson, from the Green Party, said: “We actually have all the technology we need to be 100% free of fossil fuels… What we do not have is a market for it. We do not have an economy that can do it, so far.”

Carbon neutral economies

In other low carbon news, the Red Sea city of El Gouna in Egypt, with the help of the Italian ministry of environment, is to implement an integrated plan to become a carbon-neutral city.

[quote]This will make El Gouna turn into the first city of its kind in Egypt and Africa, and one of the leading carbon-neutral cities in the world.

ESI Africa reported last month that the agreement is part of the cooperation protocol signed by Egypt’s ministry of tourism; the ministry of power and energy; and the ministry of state for environmental affairs on December 14, 2013, to support Egyptian tourism projects to help the environment by creating carbon neutral cities.


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