Copa NET Protector
surge arresters,
handled by Surgetek
Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 25 October 2010 – Surgetek “’ a company which specialises in all aspects of lightning and surge protection “’ has released details of its Copa NET Protector surge arresters, which protect switches and hubs such as Ethernet, against surges.

A company statement released here said the 19” enclosure was equipped with up to three eight-way surge protection boards and only required the space of one vertical module for 24-ports. NET Protector modules were normally installed in the 19” cabinet, which housed the hub or switch. They were inserted as a patch panel with surge protection, or as a retrofitted device for patching between the patch panel and the device to be protected.

It went on to say that the NET Protector, with its completely shielded 19” enclosure and its 4TP panel for 100 Base T Ethernet, had RJ45 connectors on both input and output and was supplied with 1m fly leads as standard.
“Only 1U in height with a depth of 80 mm, the NET Protector surge protection modules are available in eight, 16 and 24-way formats, and are fitted with eight-way shielded connectors,” Surgetek adds. The NET Protectors offer a 100Mbps data transmission rate and a response time of < 1ns. A different protective circuit and connection are provided by the protective boards.