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SunPower to develop a solar manufacturing plant in Cape Town 2015

On Tuesday, international technology and energy services provider SunPower Corp announced their decision to develop a solar panel manufacturing plant in Cape Town, South Africa in 2015.

The facility will manufacture SunPower’s high efficiency E20/440 solar panels with an expected annual output of 160MW.

With local content and job creation being the theme of many renewable panel discussions, the facility is said to generate 150 jobs within the local communities.

The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operations & Management (O&M) departments at SunPower Corp will be housed under one roof, where the benefit of effective communication is maximised. Marty Neese, SunPower COO said in a statement:

‘SunPower has a significant presence in the South African solar market, including two large power plants built this year and another one that will begin construction soon. By manufacturing our high efficiency solar panels at this new facility, we will not only help the local economy, but continue to deliver clean, renewable energy to this region…’

‘Our investment in this new plant is part of our commitment to the local South African PV market, and meets our objective to build a sustainable business through local investment and create jobs in the medium and long-term’.

The MULILO-TOTAL group selected SunPower as their EPC and O&M contractor for an 86MW project in round three in the REIPPPP programme.

The construction of two solar projects with a combined 33MW generation, were successfully completed earlier this year in the North region of the Cape by SunPower.

SunPower, a partner with Total, a multinational oil and gas firm, has constructed and operated manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

With the aim to reduce costs and environmental impacts, these SunPower facilities distribute solar panels to solar projects globally, while meeting their objectives of a cost effective greener operation.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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