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Standby power partnership takes the lead with clean and quiet genset

Sustainable Power Generation (SustainPower), leading providers of energy solutions in rugged, secure containerised systems, continues to show its mettle in these challenging times. Over the last few years, SustainPower has actively made innovative contributions into natural gas and biogas power generation.

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With grid power availability being an uncertainty for South African businesses, SustainPower has extended its focus from large-scale industrial and commercial gas-to-power solutions, to now include gas standby power solutions for homes and businesses who are feeling the impact of loadshedding.

Standby power made for cooking

In order to provide greener alternatives to the loud and dirty diesel or petrol options currently on the market, SustainPower has partnered with Pramac to bring clean and quiet standby power with its LPG and natural gas generators.

Pramac, an Italian-American company established in 1966, that is today part of Generac, manufactures a wide range of power generated equipment, and is SustainPower’s partner in providing South African homes and businesses with backup power solutions.

“Better than diesel, and not just for commercial use,” says Ames Martin, SustainPower’s COO, “Pramac generators offer a clean and quiet alternative to the traditional diesel and petrol generators normally found. The best part is that they connect directly to the gas supply that a home or restaurant is already using for cooking, heating, and more.”

Why LPG is a sustainable choice

Gas and diesel engines have similar consumption rates, and the diesel and LPG fuels have similar prices.

However, for homes and small to medium businesses like restaurants that are impacted by loadshedding, the LPG option has clear advantages due to its cleanliness, and the fact that homes and restaurants have the LPG installation already in place. Residential and commercial areas with natural gas supply enjoy an even greater benefit, as natural gas prices are significantly lower.

Says Ames: “Adding a small, quiet gas generator is a simple process. The SustainPower standby product line starts at 8kVA and goes to 500kVA. The residential and commercial generators use small, air-cooled engines made in the US by Generac, so the maintenance is minimal, and much cleaner than a liquid-cooled diesel engine.”

With the introduction of this new standby power product, SustainPower offers a cleaner, more sustainable solution to keeping the lights on this year.

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Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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