The Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) has announced Africa’s first residential project that has met the EDGE resource-efficiency standard, which will be receiving EDGE final certification.

According to a press release, the Fourleaf Estate residential development located in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, is now 29% more energy efficient, 25% more water efficient and boasts up to 43% reduction in the energy used to make construction materials.

The Fourleaf Estate residential project is funded by the Housing Impact Fund of South Africa (HIFSA) and managed by the Development Impact Funds team within Old Mutual Alternative Investments.

Lenore Cairncross, who has been leading the EDGE certification process for HIFSA’s new housing developments, said: “As the fund manager for this project, Old Mutual is delighted to be at the forefront of green housing developments by bringing the first EDGE-certified residential project to the market in Africa.”

“Sustainability is high on the agenda of our clients. As fund managers, we can provide a tangible indicator of green environmental performance by encouraging EDGE certification on our housing developments,” Cairncross added.

Green building certification system

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a green building certification system for emerging markets created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more…

EDGE is a measurable way for residential developers to optimise the performance of their building design and be rewarded for resource efficiency through certification.

GBCSA is the exclusive certification services provider for IFC within the country. Read more…

The EDGE rating requires an achieved saving of 20% in each of these categories: operational energy and water usage; and a reduction in the embodied energy of materials used in the project’s construction.

Managing executive residential at GBCSA, Grahame Cruickshanks, commented: “What sets EDGE apart is that it is comparatively simple to use and certification is affordable, making it invaluable to developers looking for smart and effective ways to differentiate their product in a tough economic climate. EDGE offers occupants utility cost savings, whilst also tackling important environmental issues.”

Ecolution consulting and EDGE Expert , André Harms, said: “We believe that EDGE will transform the residential market by embedding sustainability at its core.”

Green housing developments

The news release added that HIFSA has a pipeline of between 2,500 and 3,000 new housing units over the next two to three years that will be designed to meet the EDGE standard and achieve certification.

HIFSA aims to deliver a market-related, risk-adjusted return to investors and create new affordable housing stock to address the housing shortage.


Featured image source: Asia Green Buildings