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South Africa’s APS bags $3m deal with Katanga copper mine

Cummins_APS DRC motivator during iInstallation
Cummins APS Democratic Republic of Congo motivator during iInstallation

In the Southern African member state of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Kinsenda Copper Mine is installing a 7,500 kVA standby power solution.

Johannesburg-based electrical and mechanical Amalgamated Power Solutions (APS) is carrying out the installation at a cost of ZAR31 million ($3 million).

The Kinsenda Copper Mine located in the Katanga Province has ordered a standby power generation system including three fully integrated 2,500 kVA diesel generator sets manufactured by Cummins.

In addition the emergency power system includes three 9,000-litre diesel tanks.

“The backup power generator at Kinsenda Copper Mine will be fully operational within weeks,” APS managing director Rob Pellizzer confirmed.

Consistent power supply

Cummins_APS motivator in the DRC
Cummins APS motivator in the Democratic Republic of Congo

APS technical director Andrew Strömbeck claims that the technology will enable the mine to run its ore processing plant at optimum capacity with uninterrupted power supply.

Strömbeck explains in a company statement: “Ore processing plants run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just 30 seconds of stoppage can result in up to two days of costly downtime.

“APS has therefore provided the client with the peace of mind that, even in the event of power failure, no downtime will be experienced.”

New genset technology

In other genset news Cummins has launched a new range of high-horsepower QSK95 Series products which the manufacturer claims are the companies most powerful to date offering up to 3.5 MW 60 Hz and 3.75 MVA 50 Hz.

Cummins confirmed that the new genset range was engineered with the highest kilowatt per square foot ratio in their class, resulting in a smaller footprint.

cummins genset
Cummins new range of high-horsepower QSK95 Series

Cummins Southern Africa Power Generation Director Kobus Coetzer said: “Over the course of 8 000 hours of operation, the QSK95 can achieve fuel savings of more than $400,000 [ZAR4 million+]. The QSK95 Series is designed to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing installation expenses, fuel costs and maintenance requirements.”

(Pic Credits: Cummins_APS)

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