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SA citizens to use electricity sparingly to avoid load-shedding says Steve Lennon

Steve Lennon, Eskom’s Group Executive for Sustainability stressed the need to South African to use electricity wisely to avert potential black-outs.

According to SA News Agency, Lennon said: “If South Africa experienced a complete blackout, it would take us two weeks to restart the system. The consequences would be severe across the entire country and in every sector.”

Lennon addressed the media and customers to Eskom’s national control centre on Wednesday. He re-iterated that a balance in electricity use has to be maintained and, that the utility will “endeavour not to have load-shedding, but if there is an imbalance we will have to have a load reduction. But we have found that when we send out power alerts to our customers, they have responded” according to BDay Live.

Eskom will continue to manage the delicate supply and demand of electricity supply in the country and will enforce rotational load-shedding as a ‘final resort’, should the strain on the national grid increase.

“We will do everything we can to prevent a blackout so if we have to load shed, we will,” Mr Lennon said.

The media’s role in alerting South Africans of the impact of increasing demand was also stressed.

“We believe the media has a much bigger role to play in this regard as they are able to influence South Africans to embrace behaviour change by providing them with correct and timely information in respect of energy efficiency and load reduction.”

The new Medupi power station currently under construction in Lephalale, Limpopo is hoped to ease the pressures on constrained supply.


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