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South Africans challenged to cool their roofs

20 April 2012 – Petrol’s gone up; electricity’s gone up; food prices are going up.  A way home and business owners can respond to these as well as environmental challenges associated with electricity usage is to consider the benefits of cool roofs. The principal benefit of a cool roof is that internal temperature can be reduced by as much as 45%. Cooling a building’s roof is the quickest, most cost-effective and guaranteed method of reducing ambient heat in all types of buildings.

Ceratech, which is promoting the cool roofs challenge, is a white roof coating containing millions of hollow ceramic beads that reduces heat by repelling it back into the atmosphere. This coating, which helps to keep the structure cooler, can be applied to most roof surfaces.   

Explaining why the cool roofs challenge was conceived, Ceratech CEO, Chris Hayman says, “Cool roofs are catching on around the world but we’re still very behind here in South Africa … so we are setting a challenge. We are also asking why it seems that aesthetics can still trump green products and services in this country. Is it because architects and developers don’t want white roofs?  We think that choosing aesthetics over credible, proven green options is not so cool?” 

The Ceratech system works best when white.

Underlining its own obligation to the environment and as part of the cool roofs challenge, Ceratech will donate product to a roof of a selected school or clinic that is in need of a cool makeover.