27 November 2012 – The WakaWaka solar LED lamp has won four awards in the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA).  The prizes were presented during November 2012 in Amsterdam. This award was established six years ago to encourage and promote innovation. Accenture is the world’s largest consulting firm and has more than 244,000 employees across 120 countries.

WakaWaka won the popularity votes in three categories: Communications, Media & Technology (CMT), Energy and the so-called Green Tulip for sustainable products. In CMT, WakaWaka was also the winner of the jury price, causing a spokesperson of Accenture to mention this as a unique event in the history of the Award: "Never before we have seen a winner of both jury prize and popularity vote in the same category. Obviously the audience and the jury were very impressed by the potential impact of this unique product.

WakaWaka says about itselfa lamp on a mission. This mission is to change the lives of the 1.5 billion people on this planet that are living off grid and depend on dangerous, expensive and toxic kerosene lamps for their basic lighting needs. For every WakaWaka that is being sold in the Western world, two families in developing countries are enabled to buy the lamp at a strongly reduced prize.

The WakaWaka was created by Off-Grid Solutions, a Dutch company that uses the best available technique to make the WakaWaka the most efficient solar LED lamp in the world. It was engineered around the Sunboost technology from Dutch company Intivation. This enables the lamp to give light for more than 16 hours after a loading four to five hour charge time around the equator,

Although the WakaWaka is only on the market since June 2012, sales have been picking up right from the start. In October an agreement was reached with Uganda Batteries for the delivery of a million WakaWakas to Uganda in the coming years.

On December 12th(12-12-12), the WakaWaka Power, will be launched exclusively through crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com. This new model is also capable of charging mobile phones very efficiently and is iPhone 5, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy IIIs compatible. A true off-grid solution.