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Solar facility to uplift SA socio-economic and energy situation

On Friday, German solar technology firm SMA, officially opened the doors of their solar inverter manufacturing plant in Cape Town.

The technology facility will contribute positively to job creation and skills development, major hurdles faced by the South African economy which is struggling with large unemployment rates and the growing divide between the rich and the poor.helen zille

Speaking at the opening was South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Mzwandile Masina who was optimistic about the opportunities which this facility will bring to local communities.

‘In advancing radical socio-economic transformation, the government is committed to creating an enabling environment that will facilitate investment, job creation and growth and will continue to improve support measures that can help us achieve this’, Masina said.

Special guests

Another public figure at the launch was Premier of the Western Cape, Mrs Helen Zille, who highlighted the dramatic increase of ‘green’ investments entering the country, driving change in the energy sector and bringing South Africa up to global standards in combating climate change.

‘By unlocking the potential for decentralised, renewable energy, the Western Cape and South Africa may be able to de-couple its economic growth from non-renewable energy consumption in order to grow its economy.

‘It is becoming clear that renewable energy is providing a cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable alternative to conventional coal power’, Zille said.

Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities, Mr. Alan Winde, said that ‘the Western Cape Green Economy Strategic Framework highlights the comparative advantage for green and socially responsible investors in the renewable energy industry’.

South Africa’s energy mix will include 42% of renewable resources by 2030.

(Pic Credits: SMA)


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