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Sierra Leone ministry deploys prepaid meters

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Sierra Leone to deploy prepaid meters across the country to ensure a reliable and affordable electricity supply.

On Tuesday, the Sierra Leone Ministry of Energy and Energy Distribution Services Authority announced the deployment of pre-paid electricity meters across the country in attempts to expand the country’s electricity access.

The Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley said in a statement that the mandate of the ministry is to provide an affordable electricity supply to the country’s residents and the deployment of the meters forms part of the mandate requirements, the Sierra Leone Times reported.

Developing the economy

Macauley added that access to a reliable power supply is key to developing and growing a country’s economy as well as contributing towards the upliftment of people’s living conditions.

He added that the meters will be deployed to both urban and rural communities. The Sierra Leone Times reported that the launch of the meters will take place in Lungi in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, Kenema in the Eastern Province and Bo in the Southern Province.

Promises for Sierra Leone energy sector

According to the Sierre Leone Times, President Koroma made a promise during the 2012 campaign that the people will access adequate and affordable electricity supply by the time he leaves power.

“The promise of 1000MW by 2018 is based on various sources of energy output sources across the country through thermal plants, solar, hydropower, etc.”, media reported.

Koroma added that the second phase of the Solar Street Lights Project is on the way with 50,000 solar units waiting to be installed around the country.

Training development

The local media reported that the Barefoot Women’s Solar College at Konta Line in Newton, a rural district in the Western region of Sierra Leone, have enrolled illiterate women across the country for a four month training course focusing on solar installation.

The training will cover installation and maintenance in both residential and commercial areas.

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