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Seychelles to launch energy efficiency programme

Seychelles is set to launch a new programme focusing on energy efficiency in state buildings and street lighting.

Titled, Smart Energy in Public Spaces, the new programme will include the installation of 10,000 LED streets lamps by 2020 across the three main islands of Seychelles: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

The Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Didier Dogley said: “The same programme will also provide all the public schools with solar photovoltaic panels and other accessories for them to meet the schools’ energy needs.”

Seychelles News Agency reported that Dogley was speaking at an energy trade fair, where he also declared that in future, the programme will also cover health centres and old age homes.

Energy efficiency programme

Media reported that Seychelles is highly dependent on imported oil to meet its energy needs. Some 90% of the primary energy supply comes from imported fuel, and fuel for electricity generation accounts for 12% of the total government budget.

Earlier this year, $74,000 was allocated to the Seychelles Energy Commission to develop a comprehensive energy efficiency programme. Read more…

Dogley said: “The world is going through an energy revolution and we must make sure as a nation we profit from the technological advances being made.”

He said that to achieve energy security “we clearly need to shift away from fossil fuel and embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy on a large scale.”

In addition to the new programme, Seychelles New Agency reported that the Public Utilities Corporation will also be awarding a contract for the solar PV Democratisation farm being financed by the Indian Government.

The $3.4 million project is anticipated will provide free energy to 300 Seychellois families currently reliant on social welfare.

There is presently a Seychelles Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme, which is assisting families and small businesses to gain access to low-interest loans to invest in energy efficient electrical appliances and renewable energy, media stated.


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