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Schneider Electric’s new Smart UPS On-Line model predicts battery life

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This system forecasts the end of the battery life, saving businesses time and money

Global power solutions company Schneider Electric has released a new Smart UPS On-Line model, which the company claims is the only unit on the market that offers dynamic predictions of battery-life expectancy.

The product was developed to meet the challenge of accurately forecasting the end-of-life of a battery of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, said Bill Manning, vice president of Global Business Power Solutions for APC by Schneider Electric.

The system has a built-in intuitive alphanumeric LCD display that indicates the exact month and year that the UPS will require a battery replacement.

In addition, the model constantly monitors the battery’s environment including the temperature fluctuations and adjusts predictions accordingly.

Schneider Electric said in a statement: “Traditionally it is recommended that organisations that use UPSes to protect mission critical equipment keep replacement batteries on-site for seamless transitions when batteries reach the end of their lifecycle.

“However, for large organisations that deploy hundreds of UPSes, this can be a complicated and space-intensive undertaking, especially when considering the recommendations for proper storage.”

Recommendations for proper storage:

  • batteries in storage should be charged every six months
  • cumulative storage time should not exceed one year
  • store the battery at 10°C or less when possible

Benefiting the business environment

Businesses can eliminate risk as the UPS model removes any uncertainty related to battery life, which would have otherwise interfered with the performance of the company.

The power solutions company adds that the system will save a company’s IT environment valuable time and space by eliminating the need to store and service a stock of replacement batteries for your UPS fleet.

“In addition to predicting when your battery will need to be replaced, the intelligent battery management feature allows for temperature-compensated charging, which prevents overcharge situations – extending the life of your battery,” Schneider said in a statement.

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