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Sasol LV motor supply contract

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29 July 2013 – Sasol has renegotiated a longstanding contract for the supply of low voltage (LV) electric motors with Zest Electric Motors, part of the Zest WEG group. The contract, first awarded in 1997, has been renewed for a further five years.

“This contract covers Sasol’s South African sites in Sasolburg and Secunda, as well as Sasol Mining and includes products developed to meet the specific needs of its different environments, including flameproof motors for underground mining,” Gary Daines, Zest WEG group’s sales and marketing director, says.

“In 1997 Sasol was the first in the industry to embrace the concept of high efficiency motors, which back then was visionary since the campaign to conserve energy had not really taken hold. With the more recent introduction of the new IE3 specifications that define minimum efficiency levels, Sasol took the initiative to standardise on the high efficiency levels available in the market. Sasol is at present our only customer to recognise the benefits of installing these electric motors to an IE3 efficiency class.

“Through Sasol’s technical forums, we’ve certified our LV motor range with the SABS and Certex, together with our drives, to be used in conjunction with each other in variable speed drive (VSD) applications. And, as a result of this certification, we’ve been able to supply other companies with this combination for hazardous environments.”