Samansco, Zimbabwean renewable energy firm and Schneider Electric have signed an agreement to distribute solar powered potable LED bulbs.

The portable light bulbs, the “Mobiva TS 120S” are well suited for rural communities produce 120-lumen light output, and the lamps have a USB port enabling users to charge their cellphones. The environmentally friendly portable lamp is able to provide 48 hours of light when charged for a day.

“Ideal for off grid households, small shops, street vendors and fishing boats, the Mobiya TS 120S offers users safe and sufficient light for comfortable reading and other household and business activities within an un-electrified household or small business environment,” said head of sustainable development for southern Africa at Schneider, Ms Zanelle Dalglish.

“This is an important first step in our social engagement. By supporting community projects in Zimbabwe and through our partnership with Samansco, Schneider Electric has identified two other community projects that have been earmarked for support over the next 12 months,” she continued.

Managing Director of Samansco, Mr Jangez Gangat, said “For more than 30 years, Samansco has been developing products and systems to provide clean, efficient and reliable power, where and when it is needed.”

The signing ceremony was held in the Harare capital at Laurent Delahousse’s residence, the Ambassador of France to Zimbabwe. Delahousse said the partnership between the two companies marked significant progress toward the “re-engagement between Zimbabwe and Schneider Electric.”

“It is fundamental that private sector initiatives, such as these undertaken by French company, Schneider Electric, and Zimbabwean company, Samansco, become drivers for both growth and economic development” said the Ambassador.

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